Año: 2016

Zentyal 5.0 Changelog

ca Use SHA256 by default core Distribution base is now Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Use Clone instead of Clone::Fast Some code adaptation to remove warnings with changes in Perl 5.2X Remove deprecated ‘remoteservices’ internal module Remove OpenChange crashes notifications in the dashboard Get list of interfaces from /sys/class/net Better management of webadmin reload using uwsgi master […]

Zentyal 5.0 Announcement

Zentyal Development Team is proud to announce Zentyal Server 5.0, a new release of the Zentyal Open Source Linux small business server with Active Directory interoperability. Highlights Zentyal Server 5.0 is based on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial) and comes with the latest versions of all the integrated software. New features and improvements include: Samba 4.5.1: […]