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Zentyal 8.0 Changelog

Antivirus * Remove ClamAV dependencies version * Update stubs * Remove unused freshclamEBoxDir method * Workaround for Systemd warning * Create enable-module script * Add freshclam command when the module is enable to reduce issues * Disable apparmor temporarily CA * Update openssl.cnf file * Add initial-setup script * Avoid to use Openssl shell * […]

Zentyal 7.0 Changelog

ca Fix deprecated openssl dependency core Fix issue related with tar option and config backup Fix minor error in the Smart Admin report Fix regression on certificate key path (avoiding CA generation issue and vnc issues) Remove deprecated ssl on in favor of listen ssl Increase default rsa key length to 4096 dhcp Fix tftpd-hpa […]

Zentyal 6.2 Changelog

antivirus Improve zentyal.antivirus-clamonacc service management Add new scripts to Freshclam’s Apparmor profile Remove ScanOnAccess in favor of OnAccessExcludeUname Add new systemd service for antivirus-clamonacc Add new regex for logging purposes ca Change CRL expiration days to 3650 according to the OpenVPN recommendations core Fix root’s emails counter in the Smart Admin report Improve Smart Admin […]

Zentyal 6.1 Changelog

core Add log rotation for uwsgi.log Add «Smart Admin» > «System status report settings» feature to GUI Zentyal GUI supported by Safari Set uwsgi’s custom log Add «Smart Admin» > «System Status Report» feature to GUI Update external link in EBox::Config Add «Smart Admin» menu entry Add smart-admin-report script to /usr/share/zentyal to get a complete […]

Zentyal 6.0 Changelog

core Add bash completion for zs command Simplify nginx.conf includes management Fix undefined $actualValue warning in ViewCustomizer Fix unitialized $filter warning in tableBody.mas Set default size of EBox::Types::Int to 6 Use /etc/apt/auth.conf instead of embedding login info in sources.list Avoid use of apt-key add installing zentyal-qa pubkey in /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d as gnupg is no longer installed […]

Zentyal 5.1 Changelog

core Safer management of systemd daemons enabled/disabled status Use POST method when submitting forms in AJAX requests from dialogs NetWrappers::list_ifaces() now ignores invalid ones like bonding_masters Reimplement EBox::Validate::isIPInNetwork using NetAddr::IP Add libpam-cap dependency to avoid warnings in auth.log Avoid uninitialized comparison warnings in zentyal.log regarding EBox::Types::Service and EBox::Types::IPAddr Pass action to HTMLSetter templates so they […]

Zentyal 5.0 Changelog

ca Use SHA256 by default core Distribution base is now Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Use Clone instead of Clone::Fast Some code adaptation to remove warnings with changes in Perl 5.2X Remove deprecated ‘remoteservices’ internal module Remove OpenChange crashes notifications in the dashboard Get list of interfaces from /sys/class/net Better management of webadmin reload using uwsgi master […]

Zentyal 4.2 Changelog

common Added EBox::Config::flushConfigkeys core Set proper motd after edition name changes Avoid XSS on search when entering JS code Fix possible redis corruption when deleting data table rows with ids sharing the same prefix Remove non-numeric value warning in data table size control Added skip-lock-tables, quick and single-transaction parameters to mysqldump command when dumping databases […]

Zentyal 4.1 Changelog

ca Allow service certificate to specify that need the CA certificate Fix problems with some translations on common name with non-ASCII chars RevokeCertificate page redirects properly after save changes Added new CA::Observer::certificateRevokeDone and call it after revoke Fixed bug in generating certificate when openchange module is not installed Added missing zip dependency EBox::CA::checkCertificateFieldsCharacters is now […]

Zentyal 4.0 Changelog

ca Protect openchange certificate for manipulation which could rend it invalid Optional CA fields now have default values to avoid OpenChange problems Remove old request file before generating a new one Better recovery of errors on index CGI Download files as zip archive common Added EBox::Exception::Base::rethrowSilently Added EBox::debugDump method Added EBox::Exception::RESTRequest core Default webadmin port […]