Year: 2006

eBox 0.8 bugfix release is out

The eBox developer team is pleased to announce the availability of eBox 0.8. A few weeks after its release candidate –0.7.99– was out, here you have the next stable version which fixes some minor bugs detected. Below you will find the list of fixes. You can already update your system to the new version from […]

eBox 0.7.99 ready to download

The eBox development team is proud to announce the next eBox platform release. This version 0.7.99, which is our release candidate for 0.8 final, is already downloadable from the usual place. We do not expect many changes from this version to 0.8. It has been a while since our last release and some of you […]

New eBox Installer ISO

We have uploaded a new eBox installer ISO which fixes a bug related to routes. There was a problem with the 2.6.12 kernel, shipped with our ebox, when compiled with gcc 4.0.3. The effect of such miscompilation was that the command ‘/sbin/ip’ didn’t add a default route properly, strangely ‘/sbin/route’ worked ok. We have used […]

Ebox 0.7.1 RC1 is out

ebox 0.7.1-rc1 is out. It’s already downloadable from the usual place. This is not just a maintenance release, as some new features have been added as well. Amongst them, the highly demanded support for PDC. Now your Windows users can authenticate against your ebox machine, use roaming profiles and so on. To ease the process […]