Year: 2012

Zentyal 3.0 Beta | New Zentyal 2.3-1 installer available (featuring Kerberos)!

The Zentyal Development Team is glad to announce another milestone in the development of the next stable Zentyal release (Zentyal 3.0): a new Zentyal 2.3 installer is now available for testing! This installer features the first alpha version of Kerberos, Zarafa integration and a brand new core that should significantly improve the speed and responsiveness […]

Zentyal at Zarafa SummerCamp (21-22 June, Kerkrade, The Netherlands)

Zentyal will participate in the Zarafa SummerCamp 2012 that will be held on the 21st and 22nd of June in Kerkrade, the Netherlands, with the aim of bringing together everyone involved in the Zarafa ecosystem. The event is organized by Zarafa, developer of the Zarafa open source groupware and collaboration platform, that Zentyal server integrates […]

Zentyal at the Ubuntu Developer Summit (May 7-11, Oakland, USA)

Jorge Salamero, Zentyal systems analyst and developer, will be leading some working sessions at the Ubuntu Developer Summit (UDS) that is currently being held in Oakland (USA), from the 7th of May until the 11th of May. As an Ubuntu-based server distribution, aimed at small and medium businesses that necessary don’t have high technical knowledge […]

Zentyal Community Council launches – Join the conversation!

Zentyal Development Team is glad to announce that the Zentyal Community Council has now been officially launched and all interested Zentyal Community members are welcome to join the conversation and get more involved with the Zentyal server project! What is Zentyal Community Council? The social structures and community process of Zentyal server project are supervised […]

Zentyal 3.0 Beta | First version of the Thin Clients module available!

Zentyal Team is glad to announce that the first version of the zentyal-ltsp module is now available for testing! This new module provides Thin and Fat Client functionality and it is integrated with the DHCP module. Current features allow the users to: Build and update Thin and Fat client images Install local applications Limit one […]

First Zentyal 2.3 installer available (featuring Samba4)!

Zentyal Team is glad to announce the availability of the first Zentyal 2.3 installer, featuring Samba4. Zentyal 2.3 is a development version based on Ubuntu Server 12.04 beta and it will become Zentyal 3.0 (next stable release) in September 2012. The new installer for 32- and 64-bit architectures can be downloaded from the Beta Downloads […]

Join the Zentyal Bug Hunters Squad!

Are you interested in contributing to the Zentyal project? Join the Bug Hunters Squad! This newly created team aims at guaranteeing better and faster debugging process by filtering and classifying bugs, ensuring that bug reports are accurate and finding duplicate bug reports, among other tasks. It is important to note that joining in the Bug […]