Calidae joins the eBox Partner Program

eBox Technologies, developer of the Linux small business server eBox Platform, announced today that Calidae has joined the eBox Partner Program. Calidae is a Spanish ICT company located in the Barcelona-area, specialized in providing small and medium businesses and organizations proprietary and open source solutions and services related with internal and external communication technologies, from local network infrastructure to Internet based services.

“We decided becoming Authorized eBox Partners when we saw the enormous potential of the eBox Platform server” said Jaume Ponse, System Administrator at Calidae, and continued “Besides all the functionality and possibilities eBox offers, it allows us to unify the way our technicians access and modify any network services of this Linux-based system. Furthermore, we were also convinced by the fast-moving product development and active community of the eBox project.”

“Calidae is a well-established company with a large number of success stories in the local public administration. They are strongly committed to open source solutions in all their business areas, from web development to and consultancy and we are glad that they have decided to include eBox based server products and services to their portfolio” said Mateo Burillo, Partner Manager at eBox Technologies.

As an Authorized eBox Partner, Calidae will offer their customers certified eBox server products and services, such as eBox Server Subscriptions that guarantee that eBox servers are always up-to-date and secured, Subscription Add-ons including disaster recovery, security list updates or low-cost VoIP calls or Certified Technical Support. On the other hand, eBox Technologies grants Calidae with quality assured and certified software, services, support and training, assuring the Calidae’s customers always receive vendor-quality service.

About Calidae
Calidae is an ICT company, founded in 1999 in Caldes de Montbui (Barcelona), Spain. The services offered by the company can be grouped in four different areas: systems, communications, web development and business management software. Calidae is strongly committed to open source software and they offer their customers an open source alternative in each area: Linux servers, open source VoIP solution Asterisk, CMS-Calidae and AbanQ.
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