Call for translating eBox Platform 2.0 (deadline August 26th)!

As already announced few weeks ago, the 2.0 version of eBox Platform will be out on the 1st of September with a new name. While the eBox Platform development team is dedicating itself to making the latest bugfixes and improvements to the software with community members’ and eBox users’ help, we would warmly welcome any help in translating eBox Platform. The translations can be submitted via intuitive, easy-to-use, graphical web application at that allows anyone to contribute to the translation simply by registering on-line and starting to translate!

Please note that the deadline for submitting translations for the 2.0 version is the 26th of August. Currently eBox Platform has been started to translate to 32 different languages. You can check if your language is already available for translating and if not, ask for creating a new language group at the ebox-i18n mailing list. The 10 most translated languages at the moment are:

Hungarian: 100%
Spanish: 97%
Portuguese: 92%
Portuguese (Brazil): 91%
Swedish: 89%
Norwegian Bokmal: 88%
Estonian: 86%
French: 86%
Russian: 85%
German: 71%

In order to allow the different localization (language) groups to self-organize themselves and to guarantee better quality of translation, the eBox Platform Team has thought about establishing self-governed localization groups. Whereas it is not obligatory to belong to a localization group in order to translate, we do encourage you to get to know the other eBox Platform translators of your language and to work together for a better translation! For additional information, please read the details in the wiki and send an e-mail to the ebox-i18n mailing list. Let’s make those percentages go up!

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