Category: Changelog

Zentyal 3.5 Changelog

antivirus Disabled Ubuntu freshclam daemon Added clamd socket actions to freshclam apparmor profile ca Use 2048 RSA key lengths to increase security Fixed glitch on reloading page after creating CA Fixed CGI error on page reloads Allow wildcard certificate in service certificates Better CN for CA certificate Use different openssl output files to avoid any […]

Zentyal 3.4 Changelog

antivirus Make FreshclamStatus model more resilient to errors Fix status when the freshclam state file is empty bwmonitor Show reminder to enable interfaces when there are none enabled and the usage table is empty ca Migrated to use Plack / PSGI API instead of the CGI one Use service instead of deprecated invoke-rc.d for init.d […]

Zentyal 3.3 Changelog

captiveportal Fixed regression on restricted authentication to group common Fix error when initializing the framework without full environment (add the full path for id command) Added Slovenian and Vietnamese languages New EBox::Exceptions::Error to encapsulate generic Perl errors Switch from Error to TryCatch for exception handling Added EBox::NetWrappers::clean_ifaces_list_cache function New urlEditions() helper method in EBox::Config Truncate […]

Zentyal 3.2 Changelog

antivirus Adapt firewall rules to new accept chains Added LogHelper for storing AV DB updates in the DB Disable outdated script hook as it is not shown in the UI Enhanced way of getting signatures form logs: alternative log line supported and dates checked asterisk Moved to Contrib Repository (see details) bwmonitor Interfaces model now […]

Zentyal 3.0 Changelog

antivirus Antivirus is now under Office instead of UTM Adapted to new Model management framework Removed unused report code Use freshclam log file to find update events More robust signature count Adapted messages in the UI for new editions Replaced autotools with zbuildtools asterisk Disable form autocompletion in Provider username and password Fixed authentication using […]

Zentyal 2.2 Changelog

antivirus Set custom AppArmor profile configuration in local subdirectory to be less invasive Use new AppArmor profile management by the framework Use new initial-setup script for post-install setup All obsolete migrations removed (faster installation) Trigger apache restart after package remove Removed creation of empty /etc/cron.hourly/freshclam script Show 0 signatures when the antivirus is not even […]