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How-to: Add Zentyal Linux Server to EVE-NG (Video tutorial)

Wisdom Pond has published an easy to follow video tutorial on how to add Zentyal Linux Server to EVE-NG. EVE-NG is a clientless network emulation software, similar to GNS3. It is managed via graphical user interface on a browser and it allows to emulate complex network scenarios: Easy way to add a DC, DHCP, Proxy, […]

How-to: Create a Zentyal Server VM for macOS with VirtualBox (Video tutorial)

Want to test Zentyal on Mac? Or would you like your fellow Mac sysadmin to take a look at Zentyal? Lately the Zentyal Team is seeing a growing interest in deploying Zentyal in Mac environments. As you need to keep in mind few tricks when creating Zentyal VM for macOS, we have prepared this step-by-step […]

How-to: Zentyal as an Additional Domain Controller of a Windows Domain (Video tutorial)

A common Zentyal use case is to deploy Zentyal as an additional domain controller of an existing Windows® Server. This can be a long-term decision or a necessary step before fully migrating an existing Windows Server deployment to Zentyal. Want to have a quick look on how this is done? Zentyal Team has published a […]

How-to: Zentyal as a stand-alone domain controller (Video tutorial)

Did you know that most of the people who contact us are interested in deploying Zentyal primarily as a stand-alone domain & directory server? As Zentyal comes with a native implementation of the Microsoft Active Directory® protocols, it makes it easy to manage the domain and directory services typical to those of a Windows® domain […]

How-to: Gestión e implementación de servicios IT para intranet y extranet, bajo Zentyal Server

Students from the UNAD Florida (Medellín, Colombia) have published a very detailed tutorial (in Spanish) on configuring Zentyal as a DHCP/DNS, Domain controller, Proxy, Firewall, File server, Printer server and VPN. Check it out: Gestión e implementación de servicios IT para intranet y extranet, bajo Zentyal Server ¡Gracias Diego Andres Ospina, Juan Camilo David, Yeisson […]

How-to: Zentyal Tutoriais em Português no Mundo TI Brasil

Ricardo Pinheiro has published a series of really cool Zentyal HowTos at Mundo TI Brasil in Portuguese. These help you to configure Zentyal as a gateway, DC, add Windows 7 to the domain, use RSAT with Windows 8.1 and to manage users and groups. Check them out! Guia de instalação do Zentyal 3.4 Zentyal – […]