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Coronavirus Impact and Three Tips for Server Management

And breathe

We are experiencing a very unusual situation due to coronavirus. We wish speedy recovery to those who are sick and strength to everybody to face the upcoming challenges. We do not claim to be experts in health issues. In this regard, we strongly recommend taking into account the recommendations of local, national and international health […]

Basic Zentyal Linux Server Management Tools for Sysadmins

Zentyal Linux Server Management Tools for Sysadmins

Zentyal Linux Server is an alternative to Windows Server. It is used by large companies and public administrations mostly as LDAP server and domain controller, but most widely adapted by small and medium businesses that usually need a domain and directory server and a number of other network services. Thanks to Zentyal’s graphical user interface […]

Most Popular Zentyal Server Documentation in 2019

Offering comprehensive documentation on Zentyal Server is fundamental. Only by providing useful advice on how to install and configure Zentyal Server we allow users to test Zentyal as an Windows Server alternative and take the system to production and maintain it. For each new Zentyal Server version, the official documentation is reviewed, updated and new […]

Official Documentation for Zentyal Server 6.1 Now Available

The official documentation for the Zentyal Linux Server v. 6.1 is now available at . This documentation covers all the Zentyal Server modules from domain and directory server, file server, mail server, gateway and infrastructure server. It comes with brief technical introductions, step-by-step instructions to configure the different services and plenty of screenshots. Together […]

Zentyal Server 6.1 Commercial Now Available

Zentyal today announced a new minor version of the Commercial Zentyal Server Edition, Zentyal Server 6.1. The base distribution of this new commercial Zentyal Linux Server release is the latest long-term support version of Ubuntu Server (18.04.3 LTS). It comes with the most recent versions of all the integrated software, a number of improvements that […]

Upgrade Path to Zentyal Server 6.1 Development Available

Upgrade the Zentyal Server 6.0 Development Edition easily to the newest 6.1 version Zentyal Development Team announced today that the upgrade path to Zentyal Server Development Edition v. 6.1 is now available. The improved upgrade process will help existing Zentyal Server 6.0 Development Edition users to upgrade easily to the latest community release – Zentyal […]

Great interest in the Zentyal Introductory Course

Over 600 students have joined the on-line course since its launch in May 2019 During the past three months, well over 600 students from Qatar to New Zealand have taken the free on-line course “Introduction to Zentyal Server“. The course is aimed at IT professionals interested in deploying Zentyal Linux Server as a Windows Server […]

Zentyal macServer Crowdfunding Campaign Launched

Zentyal aims at raising $120.000 to port Zentyal Server to macOS and bringing an easy-to-use server for Mac administrators and SMB customers around the globe Today Zentyal macServer project launches on crowd-funding site Indiegogo: Starting from $49 for the Zentyal Book, the Mac administrators can back the project that aims at bringing an intuitive, professional […]

New Zentyal Certification Exam Launched

The ZeCA certification exam is aimed at IT professionals who want to validate their Zentyal knowledge with vendor-certified exam Zentyal today announced a new version of the Zentyal Certified Associate (ZeCA) exam. It validates the knowledge and skills required of IT professionals to manage Zentyal Server deployments in business environments. ZeCA exam has been thoroughly […]

Fully updated Zentyal on-line training courses available

Courses cover all the Zentyal Server functionality and prepare for the ZeCA certification exam An introductory course is made available at no cost Zentyal today announced the availability of five official Zentyal Server on-line training courses in Spanish and English. Zentyal offers an easy-to-use alternative to Windows ServerĀ® and the certified training helps with quick […]