Certified eBox Training at the CTA (Zaragoza, Spain)

eBox Technologies is glad to announce that the Centro de Tecnologías Avanzadas (CTA) will deliver two certified eBox Platform courses in March 2010 in Zaragoza, Spain. The courses, entitled “Administración de sistemas con Ubuntu – Aplicación eBox”, are aimed at employees, unemployed and freelancers interested in Linux based network management.

The courses are free of charge and will be held in Spanish, from the 8th until the 26th of March – one in the morning with a total duration of 60 hours and one in the afternoon with a total duration of 48 hours. Both of the courses also include a certification exam. All the interested parties can already apply on-line (please note that there are different applications for the morning course and the afternoon course).

These courses are aimed at IT professionals with basic knowledge on computer network management, for example, Windows system administrators who are interested in quickly getting effective at managing computer networks with Linux based systems. At the completion of these courses, students should be able to understand the concepts behind computer network management and to manage perfectly small and medium sized businesses’ computer networks with eBox Platform.

The courses include a large set of practical exercises with eBox Platform, all of them carried out in a virtual environment installed on each students’ PC. Besides introducing the students to the platform virtualization, this allows them to model computer networks with different servers and clients and to try by themselves multiple network environments and configurations. The detailed course program is available at the CTA web page.

The maximum number of students accepted for each course is 15 and the students are selected based on their curriculum vitae and examination.

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