Cloud-based Disaster Recovery service available for Zentyal, the Linux Small Business Server

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(Zaragoza, Spain) Zentyal, developer of the Zentyal Linux small business server, announced today the availability of a Disaster Recovery service for Zentyal servers. This new, cloud-based service, confirms Zentyal’s commitment to provide small and medium businesses (SMBs) easy and affordable network management services and to reduce their network infrastructure costs by more than 50%.

“It is a well known fact that a major loss of business data can have devastating effects on the continuity of a company. The Disaster Recovery service we offer allows to recover easily and quickly the data stored in a Zentyal server, at a price that is within the price range of any SMB” said Enrique Hernández, Zentyal Cloud Product Manager. “Moreover, we count with, one of the most trusted offsite backup providers, as our technology provider to guarantee our customers the highest levels of quality and performance”.

The Zentyal Disaster Recovery service allows users to store critical data in a remote location by using a simple backup process and to restore this data and system configuration quickly in case of a disaster. The service is configurable, but it comes with default settings that are configured for one initial full backup and one daily incremental backup for up to 10GB of data. The configurable encryption protocols guarantee the confidentiality of both the transfer and the storage of the data.

Both the Disaster Recovery service and the complementary Extra Storage Space package (10GB) are immediately available for Zentyal server users with commercial Zentyal server subscriptions. Those interested in testing the cloud-based Zentyal services can obtain free community server subscription that, among other features, includes remote configuration backup.

Additional information
Zentyal Disaster Recovery service is available for purchase at:
The free Basic Server Subscription is available at:

About Zentyal
Zentyal aims at providing small and medium businesses (SMBs) with an affordable and easy-to-use enterprise-level computer network. By using Zentyal server, SMBs are able to improve the reliability and security of their network infrastructure and to reduce their investments and operational costs.

Zentyal server development was started in early 2004 and currently it is an open source alternative to Windows Small Business Server. Zentyal and the Authorized Zentyal Partners offer SMBs a series of subscription services such as Quality assured software updates, Alerts and reports, Centralized monitoring and administration of multiple Zentyal servers as well as Technical support and Certified training.

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