Communications Add-on available for Zentyal Small Business Edition

Zentyal SL, developer of the Zentyal Linux small business server, announced today the availability of a fully new Communications Add-on for the Zentyal Small Business Edition. This add-on will allow Zentyal Small Business Edition users to use their server also as a fully supported communications server for up to 25 users. Until now the Small Business Edition was meant to be used as a Gateway, Infrastructure Manager and Office Server.

“This new Communications Add-on is aimed at small business with 25 or less users, who besides managing their network infrastructure and services with Zentyal, want to use Zentyal also for corporate email, VoIP and instant messaging” said Ignacio Correas, Zentyal CEO. “Many small businesses want to have full control also of their communications services and this add-on will enable them to do so, including email synchronization with mobile devices, full compatibility with Outlook and vendor-guaranteed support, at a very affordable price.”

The add-on can be purchased on yearly (245€) or monthly (24,50€) basis. Thanks to an agreement with Zarafa, developer of the Zarafa Email & Collaboration Platform, the add-on also includes Outlook connectors for up to 25 users. The Communications Add-on is immediately available for purchase through the Zentyal On-line Store, the only requirement is to have a valid commercial Zentyal Small Business Edition.

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