Complete success of the first Zentyal on-site course for self-employed

The first Zentyal on-site course designed exclusively for self-employed has been a great success, with student satisfaction levels reaching 98%. The course was promoted by Zentyal and the aragonese delegation of the Spanish Union of Self-employed Professionals (UPTA Aragón), it took place in June in Zaragoza (Spain) and 17 students attended the course.

The training was especially aimed at self-employed working, or interested in working, in the ICT sector providing network management services based on a Linux server such as Zentyal. According to the satisfaction survey, students appreciated especially the ease of use of Zentyal server, the graphical interface similar to Windows Server, the broad technical functionality and the commercial potential of the services offered by the manufacturer.

“We are very pleased with the interest shown in the course and the acceptance of Zentyal server among the students” said Mateo Burillo, Partner Manager at Zentyal. “We started working with several students already during the course and before finishing it, we had students doing Zentyal deployments at their customers’ premises. We believe that the technical capabilities of the tool and additional services fit perfectly to the needs and the budget of a typical customer of a self-employed professional.”

The course was free of charge for students and it included on-site training provided by Zentyal staff, as well as official documentation and the book. In addition, the students were given the opportunity to take the ZeCA certification exam upon completion of the course. Due to the excellent reception and high levels of satisfaction in the course, UPTA Aragón and Zentyal are planning to organize more courses in Aragón and in Spain.

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