eBox 0.10.99 ready to download

Hi fellow eBox users!

Your favourite development team proudly presents eBox 0.10.99. As usual, this is our beta release before 0.11.

Let us highlight some of the new features eBox ships.

The DHCP and HTTP proxy modules have been pimped out and improved to take advantage of our Ajax framework. Users and groups also joined the Ajax club and now you can list users on a cool Ajax table which is searchable.

On the system status side we have added two new reporting pages which will be very useful. A page to show disk usage information, this way you will not need to log into your machine anymore to check your disk space. Also for those who are running RAID systems, there is a new entry where you can check its status.

Do you remember the openVPN bundle you can download with your user configuration ready-to-use? Now it’s even nicer as it ships a Windows openVPN installer, turning the task of connecting remote users to your LAN into a piece of cake.

This and much more in eBox 0.10.99…


  • Add disk usage information
  • Show progress in backup process
  • Add option to purge logs
  • Create a link from /var/lib/ebox/log to /var/log/ebox
  • Fix bug with backup descriptions containing spaces
  • Add removeAll method on data models
  • Add HostIP, DomainName and Port types
  • Add readonly forms to display static information
  • Add Danish translation thanks to Allan Jacobsen


  • Use the new model/view framework. UI uses Ajax
  • Show eBox domain server if DNS is installed
  • Show eBox IPs on default gateway selection


  • Expose methods in module’s API


  • Windows bundle can be created to include the openVPN windows installer
  • Log openVPN status
  • Treat openVPN like internal interfaces


  • Use new model/view framework. UI uses Ajax
  • Simplify content filter interface

Traffic Shaping

  • Use last model/view changes to get rid of the multitable code
  • Remove rules using an object when it’s removed
  • Use services module
  • Now traffic shaping rules are aware about gateway changes
  • Bugfix. Add external interface rules to PREROUTING otherwise rules are not applied due to NATed sources

Users and groups

  • List users using Ajax table
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