eBox 0.11.100 for Ubuntu Hardy is out

Hi fellow eBox users,

We are glad to announce the release of eBox 0.11.100 for Ubuntu. This release provides the same functionality and modules as the Debian Sarge version.

It is based on Ubuntu 8.04 which already ships some eBox 0.11.99 modules. 0.11.100 polishes some rough edges found in 0.11.99 and adds the following modules:

  • traffic shaping
  • mail
  • mail filter
  • jabber
  • software

This release represents a significant leap forward for the eBox platform. Now you will take advantage of the improvements and new features of the last available stable version for most of the services which are managed by eBox: samba, cups (new printer drivers), squid, dansguardian, postfix, amavis…

We have created a custom cd installer based on Ubuntu Hardy server to ease the installation process, just like we did with the Debian Sarge version.


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