eBox 0.11.101 is out

The eBox development team proudly presents the lastest eBox platform release. 0.11.101 is a maintenance release that ships a bunch of bugfixes to polish and increase the stability of your favourite administration tool.

We have also ported ebox-webserver to Ubuntu, a pretty simple module to manage an Apache server. With this module your users might have a public_html directory under their home or you can just create virtual domains.


  • Bugfix: Fix memory leak in models while cloning types. Now
    cloning is controlled by clone method in types
  • Bugfix: Union type now checks for its uniqueness
  • DESTROY is not an autoloaded method anymore
  • HasOne fields now may set printable value from the foreign field
    to set its value
  • findId now searchs as well using printableValue
  • Bugfix: Minor bug found when key is an IP address in autoloaded
  • Ordered tables may insert values at the beginning or the end of
    the table by “insertPosition” attribute
  • Change notConfigured template to fix English and add link to the
    module status section
  • Add loading gif to module status actions
  • Remove debug from
  • Add support for custom separators to be used as index separators on exposedMethods
  • Bugfix. Stop eBox correctly when it’s removed
  • Improve apache-restart to make it more reliable.


  • Unroll inoexternal chain
  • Bugfix: Do not restart firewall module if called from dhcp context and the module is not enabled
  • Add setExternalService


  • Fixing typo in actions performed by the module


  • Added Mail Exchanger model to introduce MX records in domains
  • Added mail exchanger model related methods to the exposed API
  • Check consistencies among alias and hostnames within the same
  • Updated remainder models to use lastest types HostIP and
  • Added ‘changeName’, ‘getHostNameByName’, ‘getHostNameByIP’ and
    ‘findAlias’ to improve DNS API to Perl scripts and SOAP clients


  • Fix typo in CreateClient
  • Do not remove quagga and openVPN rc links
  • Bugfix: Retrieve rip password in server configuration
  • Bugfix: Allow user to remove rip password when disabling ebox-to-ebox tunnel
  • Add backwards compatibility with old openVPN tunnels
  • Make removed daemons deletion more robust
  • Bugfix: Get activeServers instead of activeDaemons to add
    INPUT rules
  • Bugfix. Quote certificate files to allow whitespaces


  • Bugfix: Fix typo in ebox-update-packages which prevented software
    management from working
  • Add ebox-softwarecron.daily to debian package
  • Add action to explain ebox-software cron script


  • Fixed bug when removing users in non-quota installations
  • Do not remove init rc scripts
  • Add port 465 (SMTP over SSL) to mail service, old outlook version
    will use this port


  • Static routes become a model with three methods exposed
  • Remove usage of a deprecated method in NetWrappers
  • DNS resolvers become a model with three methods exposed. Now
    you may add as many DNS resolvers you want


  • Bugfix: Secondary nameserver in options does not fill a default
    value when setting as undef by user
  • Added ‘setLeases’ method to set lease times from module API
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