eBox 0.11.99 is out!

Hi fellow eBox users!

Your favourite development team proudly presents eBox 0.11.99. As usual, this is our beta release before 0.12.

This version fixes a lot of issues and bugs and also ships new features.

We would like to highlight the new network traffic monitor based on jnettop which helps you diagnose network problems showing your traffic on a graph.

We have also added a new Log watcher which allows you to receive events based on the stored logs. This way you could, for example, be notified when a user is connecting to the openVPN, or when a given domain is filtered by the content filter and so on. Furthermore, a new RSS dispatcher has been added. Fire up your favourite RSS reader, add the feed and eBox will keep you posted about the events you wish to receive.

We even ship a new module to manage a web server. Now, letting users have its own public_html directory and update it through Samba is a piece of cake.

This revision also fixes a critical bug that prevented eBox from start and printed something like:
“Can’t use string (“ebox-ro/modules/network/nameser”)”

Install notes

We have uploaded a new runit package. This software is used to start/stop services. It is possible that after the upgrade you have to manually restart a service. In case you experience problems you may try reboot the machine to make sure everything is restarted properly.

Change log 0.11.99


  • Fix rendering bug in hasMany viewer closing an open tag
  • Added EBox::ColourRange to handle colour ranges
  • Enhanced look&feel on model viewers


  • DataTable contains the property ‘enableProperty’ to set a column called ‘enabled’ to enable/disable rows from the user point of view. The ‘enabled’ column is put the first
  • Added state to the RAID report instead of simpler active boolean
  • Fix bug when installing new event components and event GConf subtree has not changed
  • Add RSS dispatcher to show eBox events under an RSS feed
  • Rotate log files when they reach 10MB for 7 rotations
  • Configurable minimum free space left for being notified by means of percentage
  • Add File type including uploading and downloading
  • Event daemon now checks if it is possible to send an event before actually sending it
  • Added Action forms to perform an action without modifying persistent data
  • Log queries are faster if there is no results
  • Show no data stored when there are no logs for a domain
  • Log watcher is added in order to notify when an event has happened. You can configure which log watcher you may enable and what you want to be notify by a determined filter and/or event.
  • RAID watcher is added to check the RAID events that may happen when the RAID subsystem is configured in the eBox machine
  • Change colour dataset in pie chart used for disk usage reporting
  • Progress indicator now contains a returned value and error message as well
  • Lock session file for HTTP and SOAP sessions to avoid bugs related to multiple requests (AJAX) in a short time
  • Upgrade runit dependency until 1.8.0 to avoid runit related


  • Check “days” are positive numbers


  • Added thin client general options: filename and next-server
  • Added include files to use by user in ${EBOX_HOME}/conf/dhcp/${iface}/plugins subdir
  • Bugfix. Check fixed mapping names not to collide with other mappings in other models and make dhcpd crash
  • Bugfix. Fixed mapping names cannot contain spaces


  • Added `getHostname` to the exposed API to interact with webserver module
  • Now tables are shown sorted by ‘name’ attribute (domain, hostname and alias respectively)


  • Added log domain for firewall’s drops. Firewall logging limits are stored in a configuration file
  • Enhanced strings


  • Added _stopService method to stop jabber daemons
  • Improved postinst script to ensure daemons are stopped


  • Add mail dispatcher to notify eBox events using this SMTP server
  • Enhanced strings


  • Added traffic rate monitoring done on demand and in real-time. The monitoring may be filter by source address and service (protocol/port)


  • Bugfix. Shorten reserved daemons prefix to enlarge the daemon name user choice from RESERVED_DAEMON_ to R_D_


  • Allow others to read contents from users home directory to publish HTML services
  • Added “updateDestPort” to the API to change a destination port in a service configuration in an agile way


  • Rotate log files when they reach 10MB for 7 rotations
  • Lock session file for SOAP session to avoid bugs related to multiple requests in a short time
  • Bugfix. Correct parameter naming in OpenVPN client creation
  • Added finish script and make run script more runit complaint


  • System and software updates work correctly again with progress indicator showing process already finished
  • ebox-software cron script locks software module to work in order to hide corner cases
  • Bugfix. libebox is treated as an eBox package and not as a system package


  • eBox internal networks traffic flow is not shaped anymore
  • Exposing API from models
  • Removing old code to decrease the module complexity and LOC by more than 500 lines
  • Traffic shaping rules may be enabled/disabled by user


  • Remove use of Apache::Singleton


  • Initial release
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