eBox 0.12 is ready to rock

Hi fellow eBox users!

Your favourite development team proudly presents the availability of
eBox platform 0.12. This release brings a lot of bug fixes to increase the
stability and reliability that we all expect from such a product. However,
you will find more than bug fixes in this release. We have made some changes
to the UI of several modules: mail, maifilter and openVPN. We have worked on
reducing the memory footprint and increasing the performance, and much
more. As usual you can take a deeper look at the change log below.

The packages are available in our development branch in launchpad, although
they will make it to our stable branch after we get some feedback from our
users -yes, that’s you, and you too. Let’s cut to the chase, to install
these packages you will have to add this apt source:

deb hardy main

For those of you who love bleeding edge stuff, I have great news. We already
have working packages of eBox for Intrepid. If you are up for it, just add this
source to your Intrepid installation:

deb intrepid main

Change log eBox platform 0.12

  • Make default and max leasing time mandatory fields
  • Add help filed to model
  • Make custom_ns field required
  • Bugfix: Mark managers as changed every time they ask to change from/to static method because some models may appear/disappear because of modifying configuration method in interfaces


  • Use the new EBox::Model::Row api
  • Load module capability in pre-start just like the bind9 init script does
  • Don’t add static entry `ns` to localhost if user has defined another IP address for the `ns` name


  • Bugfix: Don’t assume timecol is ‘timestamp’ but defined by module developer. This allows eBoxto purge some logs tables again
  • Add page titles to models
  • Set default values when not given in `add` method in models
  • Add method to manage page size in model
  • Add hidden field to help with Ajax request and automated testing with ANSTE
  • Bugfix: cast sql types to filter fields in logs
  • Bugfix: Restricted resources are back again to make RSS access policy work again
  • Workaround bogus mason warnings
  • Make postinst script less verbose
  • Disable keepalive in eBox apache
  • Do not run a startup script in eBox apache
  • Set default purge time for logs stored in eBox db to 1 week
  • Disable LogAdmin actions in `ebox-global-action` until LogAdmin feature is completely done


  • Use the new EBox::Model::Row api
  • Add help field to firewall models
  • Bugfix. Use exit and not return in dchp-firewall external script
  • Bugfix. Use #DEBHELPER# properly to be able to flush the firewall rules when the package is uninstalled
  • Add support for ESP protocol


  • Bugfix: Fix SSL PEM file path in c2s.xml template
  • Use eBox OID number in LDAP schemas


  • Bugfix: Checkbox for unlimited size is unchecked, the field mentioned, i.e. Size (MB) is activated.
  • Use the new MVC framework
  • Add postfix to sasl group instead of dpkg-stateoverriding stuff
  • Update INSTALL doc
  • Use eBox OID number in LDAP schemas


  • Use eBox OID number in LDAP schemas


  • Use new EBox::Model::Row api
  • Add help to model fields
  • Remove default option auotmatically if another router is set as default


  • Use the new EBox::Model::Row API
  • Added pageTitle to Objects model
  • Add help to Objects model


  • Adapt ebox-openvpn to MVC framework
  • Bugfix: Enforcing RIPv2 to always authenticate when using eBox tunnels


  • Bugfix: Create the `job` table when installing.


  • Add help to model fields
  • Fix typo in defaultEnabledValue. Now shares are enabled by default.
  • Fix typo in administrator label
  • Mark shares strings to translate
  • Use eBox OID number in LDAP schemas
  • Do not use shares that don’t have permission for any user or group
  • Remove deprecated printer admin configuration key in smb.conf.mas
  • Enable dns proxy in smb.conf.mas


  • Use the new EBox::Model::Row API
  • Add help to fields in service model
  • Increase some field length
  • Add support for ESP protocol


  • Use the new EBox::Model::Row api
  • Add field help to models
  • Fix titles within tabs
  • Set deny as default policy


  • Add field help to model


  • Use the new EBox::Model::Row api
  • Check if there is any added user and show a message in case there isn’t any.
  • Restore users reading from ldiff and adding them through eBox API
  • Set password-hash in slapd.conf to make password changes from samba sync the user password


  • Add help field to webserver model
  • Bugfix. Do not add a dns domain if the virtual host is just a host name with no domain
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