eBox 0.8 bugfix release is out

The eBox developer team is pleased to announce the availability of eBox 0.8.

A few weeks after its release candidate –0.7.99– was out, here you have the next stable version which fixes some minor bugs detected. Below you will find the list of fixes.

You can already update your system to the new version from the ebox software interface (Software management->eBox components). It is now available in Download section.

You can now upgrade from your current installation from 0.7.* to 0.8.

0.8 release


  • Fix backup issue related to bug reports
  • Improved backup GUI


  • Added netmask /30 (Patch from rampa at


  • Small GUI fix
  • Added firewall rule to access SMTP hosts for all interfaces


  • Fix message


  • dns-cache depends on network. Now when an interface configuration changes, bind is restarted to listen on the new IP


  • ebox-software truncates /etc/apt/sources.list and add all apt sources from site
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