ebox 0.8.99 ready to download

It is a pleasure to announce the immediate availability of eBox platform 0.8.99. This version is the first release candidate for milestone 0.9.

This version is shipped with new modules. A Certification Authority module and an OpenVPN module. Now, you will be able to create VPNs to enable your road warriors to easily connect from remote places to your office network. Also, this new module allows you to connect two offices in a secure way across the Internet by setting up an eBox machine as a gateway in each side.

In addition to the new modules, eBox 0.8.99 sports a full-fledged DNS module, making the addition of domains, hosts and alias for your network as simple as it can get. This new module (ebox-dns) replaces the rusty ebox-dns-cache one.

Let us highlight another breathtaking feature which has been added in this release too: multi-gateway or multi-path support. Such a feature allows you to have different concurrent connections to the Internet, and decide what kind of traffic is routed through each link.

At last, the time has come for Ajax to permeate eBox, beginning with Ajax based tables to improve the user experience. A generic table has been added and it will be improved for the next releases, as it is planned to gradually replace the vast majority of the old-fashioned tables with this new one.

Regarding the eBox installer, we have included again a 2.6.12 kernel. You should find less issues with SATA disks and new hardware now.

We would like to thank the new translators who are helping the project with their collaboration and effort. Let us remind you that we have set up an online tool to help with the translations. If you want to translate to your language, please stop by there .

How to upgrade?

Due to a bug in the previous software module version, the first step to upgrade eBox from the web interface is upgrading the software package. After that, you will be able to upgrade the other packages normally. In case you cannot see the new packages listed as available to download, please log into the machine via ssh or local console and execute the following commands:

  • apt-get update
  • apt-get install ebox-software ebox

After a few minutes you should have your eBox modules upgraded, otherwise contact your local eBox guru. If you can’t find one, pay us a visit on our IRC channel (#ebox at or send a mail to our user support list.

What’s next?

For version 0.9 we will improve the OpenVPN module, automatizing and simplifying some tasks. It would be very nice if we receive feedback of that module, letting us know what features you expected. Also, during the next few weeks we will release an initial version of the long expected and highly praised traffic shaping module.

0.8.99 release


  • Add Ajax based templates and Javascript helpers
  • Minor CSS changes


  • Add data table model for generic Ajax tables
  • Add types to be used by models
  • Add MigrationBase and ebox-migrate to upgrade data models
  • Some English fixes


  • Initial release (replaces ebox-dns-cache, adding new features)


  • Support multigateway configuration
  • Remove old default router configuration
  • Add migration script from version 0 to 1


  • Initial release


  • Initial release

eBox installer

  • Include kernel 2.6.12
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