eBox 0.9.1 ready to roll

Hi again fellow eBox users!

Your favourite development team is back with more cool stuff to announce.

eBox 0.9.1 is just out of the oven, bringing new features in the networking side, such as improved traffic shaping and multigateway load balancing.

In addition to this, we are glad to announce that the backup system is getting more mature, moving eBox a step closer to the robustness needed in the most demanding environments.

Let’s recap what the 0.9.X releases bring, ordered by coolness:

  • Traffic shaping
  • Multi gateway load balancing
  • OpenVPN
  • Certification Authority
  • DNS server
  • Translation into several languages

These new features, alongside the wide range of capabilities which were already available in eBox 0.8 (such as PDC support, mail server, content filter, print server, …), make eBox a very attractive solution for SMEs, effectively lowering the barrier for Linux adoption in this kind of environment.

Our next step towards world domination includes adding a SOAP API to expose eBox functionality to third party applications. This will allow the development of amazingly easy-to-write scripts to perform custom tasks usually required by eBox users such as:

  • User synchronization with other user databases
  • Remotely scheduled backups
  • Apply configuration profiles to eBox groups
  • Automate anything that you could do through the web interface

We are also planning on building a control center over the SOAP API, which will enable a single administrator to control a group of eBoxes, bringing eBox to the large organisations arena.

Stay tuned, eBox is going to keep rocking!

How to upgrade?

Please pay attention to the upgrading process if you already have a
previous version installed.

Go to software -> system updates. Select libebox and click on the button
located at bottom of the page. By upgrading libebox you will force the rest
of the modules and ebox to be upgraded too. After a few minutes your eBox
will be updated. Now you will be able to install the traffic shaping module
and ebox-software from software -> eBox components. Do not do this before
upgrading libebox!!

Change log eBox platform 0.9.1 [codename Pyrenees]


  • Add JS functions to show/hide elements


  • Fix backup issue with changed state
  • Generic table supports custom ordering


  • Add support for traffic load balancing
  • Try several times to fetch the mac address for each router


  • Added support for shaping on internal and external interfaces
  • More fine-grained rules to mark traffic


  • Fixed a bug related to renew or revoke currently used
    certificates by other modules
  • Added Cancel buttons where they are necessary


  • Make OpenLDAP listen on internal interfaces


  • Small UI changes
  • Fix issue with rules and more than one external interface


  • Extended backup
  • Use host’s FQDN
  • Helo restriction
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