eBox 0.9.2 (torito bravo) ready to download

Hi everybody,

Here we are again with a new release 0.9.2. This latest version, brought to you by your favourite development team, is mainly a bugfix release. No long paragraphs to show off cool stuff this time, just wait for 0.10.

We have added two features which we thought were worth releasing as soon as possible:

  • Backups are accessible via samba. This is useful to deal with large files as many browsers can’t manage them properly
  • Enable/disable logging per module. This is an interim solution until we provide a better mechanism to rotate and remove logs.

Change log eBox platform 0.9.2 [codename torito bravo]


  • Add browser warning when uploading files
  • Enable/disable logging modules


  • Check fixed ip’s name against domain name syntax


  • Always add weighted routers when configuring routers. Instead of adding them when traffic balancing is enabled. Use iptables to send unmarked packets through the default router.


  • Add nasty workaround to try to stop and create swap directories for squid


  • Add ebox backup directory as a shared resource to download/upload
  • Create smbldap_bind.conf which contains password with mask 0600


  • Fix a bug related to unscaped characters
  • Added support for hidden clients


  • Create sasl configuration which contains password with 0600 mask
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