ebox 0.9.99 ready to download

Hi fellow eBox users,

Your favourite development team never stops coding, even in summer holidays when everybody else is enjoying the sun while having a piña colada, the eBox team stays inside to restlessly add new features and modules.

We are proud to announce the first release of our next milestone. This release is shipped with the new mail filter module which extends the functionality of eBox to scan e-mails to detect viruses and spam.

The mail filter module can be used along with the existing mail module, or it can be used to filter mail coming from external servers.

As mentioned above, this is the first release for our next milestone 0.10.x series which will include:

  • mail filter
  • new firewall module
  • SOAP interface which will allow us to build on top of it a control centre to easily deploy and administrate several eBox machines
  • big improvements on the development framework

Changelog for eBox platform 0.9.99


  • Enhanced HTML mason templates


  • Added Portuguese translation
  • Added Russian translation
  • Bugfix: bad changed state in modules after restore from backup


  • Restore conntrack mark in OUTPUT chain to make traffic generated in eBox come out through the right route


  • Fixed bug in configuration backup
  • Allow other modules to define mail filters


  • use onSuccess in Ajax call to avoid getting responses different to 200 when upgrading packages


  • CA is password aware if user wants to
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