eBox 1.4-rc1 ready for testing

eBox Platform development team is glad to announce that the first release candidate for eBox Platform 1.4 is now available for download at Please note that eBox beta 1.3.x releases have finally become this release candidate and eBox 1.4 will be the first stable version since eBox 1.2 (released in July 2009).

Besides shipping a number of new features and improvements (check the roadmap for deatails), the focus of this release candidate has been on allowing easy migrations from eBox 1.2 to eBox 1.4. Although we have tested thoroughly several upgrading scenarios and we have detected a very few rough edges, we would appreciate greatly your help in testing this release candidate and making the eBox 1.4 a great release!

Please remember this is a release candidate and it’s not ready for production yet. For additional information, how to upgrade and known issues please check the forum. We’re looking forward to receiving your feedback!

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