eBox 1.0-rc2 is ready for testing

Hi fellow eBox users!

Your favorite development team proudly announces the availability of a new release candidate for the 1.0 series.

Let us recall some of the new features that you will find in this new version. eBox now sports a brand new dashboard that takes full advantage of Ajax to greatly improve the user experience. We have shipped new widgets that will allow you to see in real time things like: DHCP leases, Samba users connected to eBox shares, users connected to VPNs, network traffic… In order to customize your dashboard to meet your needs you can drag and drop dashboard widgets, hide those ones that you don’t need and so on. On the mail filter front, this new release ships new interesting features such as: support for greylisting, transparent POP3 proxy, UI overhaul. We have added a new feature to create summarized reports for several modules. The file sharing module now supports per-user quota. Firewall redirects have been improved. And of course, a lot of bug fixing that takes us closer to 1.0.

Please remember this is a release candidate and it’s not ready for production yet. You can install the new packages using our unstable repository. Note that the new packages are only available for Ubuntu Hardy at the moment. Packages for Intepid and Jaunty are underway.

deb hardy main



  • EBox::Module::writeConfFile and EBox::Service scape file’s path
  • Bugfix. Configure logrotate to actually rotate eBox logs
  • Fixed bug in ForcePurge logs model
  • Fixed bug in DataTable: ModelManager was called with tableName instead of context Name
  • Fixing an `img` tag closed now properly and adding alternative text to match W3C validation in head title
  • Backup pages now includes the size of the archive
  • Fixed bug in ForcePurge logs model
  • Now the modules can have more than one tableInfo for logging information
  • Improve model debugging
  • Improve restart debugging
  • Backups and bug reports can be made from the command line
  • Bugfix: `isEqualTo` is working now for `Boolean` types
  • Add support for reporting
  • Refresh logs automatically
  • Reverse log order
  • Remove temp file after it is downloaded with FromTempDir controller


  • Bugfix: Expire days cannot be zero anymore


  • Add support for reporting
  • Add rules to allow DHCP requests from interfaces configured via DHCP
  • Improve redirects


  • Bugfix: MDSize attribute should not be restored in systems with MDSize feature disabled
  • Bugfix in logs: mail relayed to external smarthost is now logged, external smarthost relay denied action also logged, relay field now only logs relay data and no unrelated data
  • Summary changed to reflect the changes in mailfilter module
  • Added greylist support
  • Added authentication for external smarthost
  • Added TLS support for external smarthost
  • Add support for reporting


  • Bugfix: validation of General model now works properly
  • Added POP transparent proxy
  • SMTP filter separated from main module
  • Interface overhaul to reflect changes in SMTP filter and addition of POP proxy


  • Daemon names are restricted to alphanumerics and ‘-‘. ‘_’, ‘.’ characters
  • Bugfix: servers and clients cannot get any longer the same interface number
  • Added log rotation using logrotate


  • Bugfix: `printers` method returns an empty list when `ebox-printers` package is not installed
  • Add per-user disk quota


  • Restart apache once and not for every package when upgrading or installing


  • Add support for reporting


  • Add traffic shaping rules to POSTROUTING


  • Make and restore backup more robust: removed slapd.conf parameters in both slapadd and slapcat, so we can use the module with sldap with configuration stored in the directory itself. Ignore missing users in a group


  • Remove bogus div end tag
  • Fix items list for titles with single quotes
  • Add new table view without actions
  • Add javascript library to generate report charts
  • Fixing redirect URL coming from proxy
  • Added Chinese from Taiwan and Galician translations
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