eBox 1.0 ready to download

Hi fellow eBox users!

Your favorite development team proudly announces the availability of eBox 1.0.

After years of development we have finished implementing the following feature set, which  we have deemed good enough to deserve the 1.0 badge:

  • Networking
    • Firewall and routing
      • Network Configuration
        • DHCP server
        • NTP server
      • Filtering
      • NAT/Port redirections
      • Multi-gateway support and traffic load balancing
      • Traffic shaping (l7 filter support)
      • Traffic rate monitoring
    • Web proxy
      • Cache
      • Content filtering
    • Instant Messaging server (Jabber)
    • Domain Name Server
    • E-mail server
      • Spam and antivirus filter for mail
      • Support for greylisting
      • Transparent POP3 proxy filter
    • OpenVPN support
    • Certification Authority
    • Event notification via jabber, mail and RSS
    • Web server
  • Workgroup
    • Windows user, file sharing
    • PDC support
    • Printing server
    • eGroupware: calendar sharing, address book, webmail…
  • Reporting
    • Summarized reports
    • Full reports
  • New dashboard to centralize service information
  • Full and configuration backup
  • Software updates
  • Disk usage information
  • RAID status

You can install the new packages using our stable repository. Note that the new packages are only available for Ubuntu Hardy at the moment. Packages for Intrepid and Jaunty are underway.

deb hardy main

The 1.0 milestone, besides being a great achievement by itself, does not imply a slowdown in our development process, quite to the contrary, it provides a solid foundation for further and faster eBox development. The immediate eBox future is full of interesting new features that we are craving to see working in your production eBoxes. You can have a look at our roadmap to get an idea about what’s coming next in eBox. Some of the highlights are:

  • Asterisk integration
  • Hooks to allow service customization by the local administrator
  • User corner for user-oriented features (i.e., password changing, …)
  • Captive portal



    Bugfix: fix SQL statement to fetch last rows to consolidate
    Bugfix: consolidate logs using the last date and not starting from scratch
    Backport fix for EBox::Types::Union::isEqualTo
    Bugfix: DomainName type make comparisons case insensitive
    according to RFC 1035

  • EBox::Module::writeConfFile and EBox::Service escape file’s path
  • Bugfix. Configure logrotate to actually rotate eBox logs
  • Fixed bug in ForcePurge logs model
  • Fixed bug in DataTable: ModelManager was called with tableName instead of context Name
  • Fixing an `img` tag closed now properly and adding alternative text to match W3C validation in head title
  • Backup pages now includes the size of the archive
  • Fixed bug in ForcePurge logs model
  • Now the modules can have more than one tableInfo for logging information
  • Improve model debugging
  • Improve restart debugging
  • Backups and bug reports can be made from the command line
  • Bugfix: `isEqualTo` is working now for `Boolean` types
  • Add support for reporting
  • Refresh logs automatically
  • Reverse log order
  • Remove temp file after it is downloaded with FromTempDir controller


  • Set SSLv3 extensions correctly to user certificates
  • Bugfix: Expire days cannot be zero anymore


  • Bugfix: Add redirect migration script to
  • Add support for reporting
  • Add rules to allow DHCP requests from interfaces configured via DHCP
  • Improve redirects


  • Backport from trunk: Added aliases for whole domains
  • Bugfix: alias are deleted when user account is deleted
  • Bugfix: when already exists the maildir, create a new account is
    not allowed
  • Bugfix: Postgrey daemon is disabled by default
  • Bugfix: MDSize attribute should not be restored in systems with MDSize feature disabled
  • Bugfix in logs: mail relayed to external smarthost is now logged, external smarthost relay denied action also logged, relay field now only logs relay data and no unrelated data
  • Summary changed to reflect the changes in mailfilter module
  • Added greylist support
  • Added authentication for external smarthost
  • Added TLS support for external smarthost
  • Add support for reporting


  • Bugfix: validation of General model now works properly
  • Added POP transparent proxy
  • SMTP filter separated from main module
  • Interface overhaul to reflect changes in SMTP filter and addition of POP proxy


  • Fix status reporting on dashboard
  • Daemon names are restricted to alphanumerics and ‘-‘. ‘_’, ‘.’ characters
  • Bugfix: servers and clients cannot get any longer the same interface number
  • Added log rotation using logrotate


  • Bugfix: restore machine accounts properly
  • Bugfix: set force directory mode and force create mode to 0660 in shares
  • Bugfix: `printers` method returns an empty list when `ebox-printers` package is not installed
  • Add per-user disk quota


  • Add depends on dpkg-dev to parse debian changelog entries
  • Add missing backslash to display update form correctly
  • Restart apache once and not for every package when upgrading or installing


  • Add support for reporting


  • Detect if there’s an l7 capable kernel using modinfo xt_layer7
  • Add traffic shaping rules to POSTROUTING


  • Add “allow bind_v2” to slapd.conf
  • Increase maximum password length
  • Make and restore backup more robust: removed slapd.conf parameters in both slapadd and slapcat, so we can use the module with sldap with configuration stored in the directory itself. Ignore missing users in a group


  • Bugfix: Use ‘window’ as variable instead of ‘Window’ since it is more portable
  • Bugfix: Remove bogus mason tags
  • Remove bogus div end tag
  • Fix items list for titles with single quotes
  • Add new table view without actions
  • Add javascript library to generate report charts
  • Fixing redirect URL coming from proxy
  • Added Chinese from Taiwan and Galician translations
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