eBox 1.0rc1 was presented publicly

On past Tuesday 14th October eBox 1.0rc1 was publicly presented in an event hosted at the Aragon Institute of Technology with the support of the Government of Aragon and the City Council of Zaragoza. This is the first preview of eBox 1.0, including all the functionality that was planned in the beginning of the development of eBox four years ago.

During the event, which was attended by some 120 managers and professionals of the IT industry in the region, the commercial strategy of eBox Tehcnologies was unveiled, together with its business development plan. eBox Technologies is an spin-off from Warp Networks, founded in order to launch eBox to the market and continue its development.

The event has had wide media coverage in the printed regional papers and on the online sites, such as europapress, aragoninvestiga, cenatic, opensourceworldconference or among many others.

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