eBox Online Store is now available!

eBox Technologies, developer of the Linux small business server eBox Platform, announced today the launch of an online store aimed at eBox Platform end users. The eBox Online Store – available at – provides a channel to acquire a number of eBox based subscription services such as VoIP credit or backup storage space, support services or official eBox documentation.

“Our aim with eBox Platform and eBox based services is to offer small and medium businesses and IT service and solution providers a one-stop-shop for all the network management services” said Javi Vázquez, Chief Operating Officer at eBox Technologies. “eBox Platform has a fast-growing professional user base that is requesting every time more commercial services and we believe that with the launch of the online store we are able to meet better the needs of the marketplace.”

The recently launched version 1.4 of eBox Platform integrated – for the first time – SaaS options such as remote backup and low-cost VoIP calls aimed directly to the eBox end users. The eBox Online Store now enables the purchase of off-site storage space and VoIP credit that the eBox end users can easily use through the eBox Platform user interface.

Other services that are now available for purchase include eBox Control Center Subscriptions to manage and monitor easily multiple eBox servers and support services such as One-time eBox Support, aimed at those customers that occasionally have a need for technical support and eBox Migration Support, to guarantee successful migrations from eBox 1.2 to eBox 1.4. Both support options are provided directly by the eBox Support Team. In addition, end users can now purchase official eBox documentation from the online store – to begin with, the official eBox for Network Administrators Guide in Spanish (for eBox Platform 1.4).

Other on-line services that will be offered shortly will include One-time Priority Support, with maximum response time of one hour, aimed at those customers that have an occasional and urgent need for technical support as well as official eBox documentation in English. Furthermore, in the first half of 2010, the company will launch the Virtual CIO service, that consists of reports on network activity together with security audits, evaluations on the status of the network, warnings of potential problems and recommendations of improvements.

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