eBox Platform 1.4 – A major new release of the Linux Small Business Server

eBox Technologies is proud to announce the general availability of eBox Platform 1.4, a major new release of the Linux server aimed at small and medium businesses. Besides incorporating a range of new features and improvements, the eBox Platform 1.4 release features – for the first time – SaaS options such as remote backup and low-cost VoIP calls to mobile phones and landlines all over the world, making eBox Platform ever more attractive server option for both SMBs and IT service and solution providers targeting the SMB market.

“We believe the new version 1.4 of eBox Platform is a big leap forward towards our goal of providing the best Linux based server for small and medium businesses” said Ignacio Correas, CEO of eBox Technologies. “Now, we do not only offer a more complete set of functionalities for the server and an improved environment for the delivery of services by IT providers through the eBox Control Center, but we have integrated eBox Platform with a series of subscription services in the cloud, bringing together the power of open source, SaaS and cloud computing under a common technology. For the first time, SMBs can enjoy an affordable and easy-to-use enterprise-level network with a complete set of first-class services that help them improve the reliability and security of their infrastructure while reducing investments and operational costs!”

Two of the most important new features of the eBox Platform 1.4 release include support for master-slave LDAP servers and Microsoft Windows Active Directory synchronization. Moreover, new features include new webmail module, PPPoE support, Multi-WAN support for DHCP and PPPoE configured gateways, new Samba (3.4.5) version, dynamic DNS updates via DHCP and new RADIUS module. Additionally, the new release incorporates a number of improvements in the Mail, Printers and VoIP modules and general usability enhancements.

The production-ready eBox Platform 1.4 is now available for download For additional information regarding the upgrading, repository and full change log, please check the eBox Platform 1.4 Announcement The next stable release will be eBox Platform 2.0 which is expected for July 2010.

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