eBox Platform 2.0 release delayed until September 1st

eBox Platform Development Team announced today that the eBox Platform 2.0 release will be delayed until September 1st. The decision was taken last Friday evening, after studying the different options and concluding that in order to release more stable version of the product, more time was needed for testing and improvements.

The first installer CD of eBox Platform 1.5 (beta version of eBox Platform 2.0) was released for testing and feedback on the 26th of July. As mentioned in the announcement, the development of eBox Platform 2.0 has now finished and the development team is now fully centered on testing and bugfixing the software. Moreover, during this stabilization period we are also dedicating time for optimizing the software to improve the performance and reduce the installation time. The aim of dedicating all August for these purposes is to guarantee that the next major release of eBox Platform will be the most stable release ever.

The whole eBox Platform team apologizes for having failed to announce properly this change until today and for not fulfilling the expectations of many eBox users and community members. As passionate for what we do, we sometimes rush forward and forget to explain ourselves. As people, we make mistakes. However, our intentions are the best: make a great, stable release.

We hope you’ll stick with us the whole August: there will be improved beta versions and we’d be glad to count on your feedback!

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