Ebox Platform release 0.7

eBox Platform is an open source project to easily manage advanced network services. Project eBox has been developed by Warp Networks in
association with DBS Sistemas Informaticos.

eBox is not just a network tool. It is a complete development framework to extend its features to control any service you need. eBox platform is distributed under a dual licensing model: GPL version 2 and a comercial
license for those companies interested in.

Features in version 0.7:

  • Network interface management
  • Network objects
  • NTP server
  • DNS cache
  • DHCP server
  • Firewall
  • Web proxy
  • Content filter
  • Mail server
  • Automatic upgrade system
  • File sharing
  • Printer sharing
  • Instant messages service
  • Internacionalization
  • … and more!

Note that eBox is an advanced network services provider, so it’s intended
to be installed on a dedicated machine. eBox overwrites configuration for
some network services, so it’s not recommended to have them previously
configured (or their configuration could be lost).

Anyway, you can install it on a debian system, using eBox apt repository:

deb ebox/
deb extra/

Or you can test it without risk using our eBox Platform Live CD!

You can help in its development or modify eBox for your needs just checking
out eBox source code with:

svn co

Please, submit your bugs to our trac system.

and finally, enjoy your eBox experience!

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