eBox signs a collaboration agreement with the San Jorge University

eBox Technologies has recently signed a collaboration agreement with the San Jorge University (USJ) to offer internships for the USJ students. This collaboration aims to give the students an opportunity to gain experience and new knowledge that will help to accomplish their career goals as well as to introduce them to the job market.

The first eBox-USJ intern Alejandro Sanclemente, 4th year computer science student, centers on carrying out his undergraduate thesis project “Virtualized solution of Global VoIP in centralized WIFI setting, based on OSS” during the internship. This project, supervised by the USJ and the eBox Development Team, aims to migrate the services offered by the existing phone system of the USJ to Asterisk 1.6, as well as to allow the use of VoIP.

Within the project, eBox Platform is used to control the network traffic. Besides, the project aims to develop a part of the eBox Platform module that allows the control of certain parameters configured by Asterisk user and administrator profiles with no harm in the administrative configuration. Other features of the project include integration of eBox Platform and Asterisk in LDAP making the user profile sharing possible, carrying out the installation in virtual machine monitor (Xen) or implementation in centralized WIFI setting.

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