eBox Technologies announces Price-Roch as newest Service Partner

eBox Technologies, developer of the Linux small business server eBox Platform, today announced a new partnership with Price-Roch, a Spanish IT consulting firm that specializes in Open Source migrations. Under the agreement, Price-Roch will be able to provide their customers with a full range of eBox based network management services with vendor-quality support.

“As OS migration and management is one of our core businesses, we are constantly searching for reliable, cost-effective open source solutions to provide our customers with to ensure that they get the most from their technology investments” said Juan María Moreno, Chief Executive Officer at Price-Roch. “eBox Platform is a remarkable network management solution and we believe it is a perfect complement to our family of server products.”

“Price-Roch is quickly becoming a strong player in the Spanish open source market” said Javi Vázquez, Chief Operating Officer at eBox Technologies and continued “we believe that their knowledge and experience in the OS migrations together with solutions like eBox Platform will allow them to position as preferential service provider for many public and private organizations in their region.”

By joining the eBox Service Partner Program, Price-Roch is granted premium technical support directly from the eBox Platform developers, assuring that they can meet their Service Level Agreements to their clients with vendor-quality support. Moreover, they are granted full access rights to the eBox Control Center that allows a complete managed services offering as it enables simultaneous and centralized real time monitoring, administration and storage of multiple eBox Platform installations.

About Price-Roch
Price-Roch is a Spanish IT consulting firm that provides a wide range of advanced engineering and consultancy solutions and services aiming to ensure their clients that they get the most from their technology investments. The company specializes in Open Source migrations, offering organizations and companies across all industries services from migration and policy design, project management to technology implementation. Price-Roch includes eBox Platform in their family of server products in order to offer an enterprise level open source server alternative to small and medium sized businesses.
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