eBox Technologies at the Oulu Linux Seminar, 16th of March (Finland)

Ignacio Correas, CEO of eBox Technologies, will deliver a presentation on “Creating open source community” at the Oulu Linux Seminar, that will be held on the 16th of March in Oulu, Finland. The central theme of the seminar is how to make business with Linux in the world of fragmented markets and it is organized by Ixonos, Finnish ICT services company that creates innovative solutions for mobility, social media and digital services.

The presentation will center on the lessons learned during the 6-year-old experience of creating and successfully launching an open source community around eBox Platform, the Linux SBS server, highlighting the interactions between business and community and the main do’s and dont’s when a business decides to create a community around its open source product.

As Ignacio Correas put it “In this presentation I try to debunk a few myths about business-led open source communities, such as “the main value from a community is the source code they generate” or “community and business are two separated worlds” and continued “based on our practical experience on eBox, I give some facts of what kind of benefits a well-nourished community can bring to a business and on the other hand, what the business needs to give to the community”.

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