eBox Technologies Expands eBox Partner Program to Resellers

(Zaragoza, Spain) eBox Technologies, developer of the open source small business server eBox Platform, today announced the expanding of its Partner Program. From now on the Program will include an eBox Reseller level in addition to eBox Service Partner category, allowing IT support and service providers to add quickly pre-defined eBox based network management services to their portfolio.

The eBox Reseller Program appeals to IT service providers or specialists, network consultants, resellers of network appliance or managed network service providers that target small and medium businesses with open source solutions. By delivering eBox based network management products and support, eBox Resellers save in license cost and technology investments while taking full advantage of the opportunities in the Software-as-a-Service & Managed Services market to generate recurring subscription revenues.

“The eBox Reseller Program is designed to give IT support and service providers a fast and profitable way to deliver eBox based services” stated Ignacio Correas, CEO of eBox Technologies. “We have seen huge interest in our Partner Program since its launch and we believe that by adding this entry-level partner opportunity, we respond better to the needs of those providers that simply want to add eBox to their product portfolio and sell vendor-backed certified services.”

Together with eBox based network management products and pre-defined service packages, eBox Technologies will provide eBox Resellers with certified training, technical support and tools for sales and marketing. eBox Resellers will retain close relationship with their customers as they will continue being the customer’s point of contact and to manage the billing and support services. There are no Reseller Program fees and eBox Resellers are free to set the final pricing for their customers. Moreover, eBox Resellers are also free to develop their own value added services on top of eBox offering.

About eBox Partner Program
eBox Partner Program currently includes eBox Service Partner, eBox Reseller, eBox Training Partner and eBox Training Reseller levels. eBox Service Partners usually make eBox the center of their business and they have a clear, long-term strategy to introduce it to their market, targeting either a specific market segment, a nationwide strategy or they integrate eBox with other solutions and create new products. eBox Resellers usually add eBox to their product portfolio and sell vendor-backed certified services to their customers, together with the rest of their portfolio. In addition, eBox Training Partners and Resellers are usually Technical or Professional Training Centers focused on ICT, Value Added Resellers or Training professionals that want to include certified eBox Training Courses in their service offering.

About eBox Technologies
eBox Technologies was founded in order to offer services and technologies based on eBox Platform, the open source small business server. The development of eBox Platform started in 2004 and currently the project counts with approximately 10.000 monthly downloads and over 1.900 active contributors. eBox Technologies is a 100% channel focused company that provides a comprehensive set of commercial and technical support, services, certified training and technologies that enable managed services offering for the Global eBox Partner Network.

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