eBox Technologies granted an “innovative start-up” status

eBox Technologies is pleased to announce that since April 2009, the company has been granted an “innovative start-up” status by the CEEIARAGON, Spanish Business Innovation Center that is part of the European Business & Innovation Center Network (EBN). The CEEIARAGON is a business incubator that aims to support foundation of innovative companies to generate economic wealth in the region.

The acceptance in the CEEIARAGON’s business incubation program guarantees eBox Technologies an array of business support resources and services for the next years, including an already much needed larger office space. Starting from the 1st of April, eBox Technologies’ new visiting addres is C/ María de Luna 11, N 19, 50018 Zaragoza, Spain. The main phone number has changed to +34 976 73 35 06 and the fax number to +34 976 73 37 19.

“We are very pleased for being accepted in this program and being backed by CEEIARAGON” said Ignacio Correas, CEO of eBox Technologies. “The company is experiencing tremendous interest in services and products based on eBox Platform and the infrastructure and support provided by the Center is just the platform we need at this moment to respond to the market demand”.

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