eBox Technologies partners with Warp to offer certified training in Spain

eBox Technologies, developer of the open source alternative to Small Business Server, announced today that Warp Networks, one of Spain’s leading OSS companies has joined the eBox Training Partner Program. Under the agreement, Warp will provide certified training in eBox Platform to eBox users, customers and business associates at its own locations or on-site, using in-house instructors certified by eBox Technologies.

“Warp has a long experience in delivering certified training on open source products such as MySQL and Java” said Ignacio Correas, Chief Executive Officer at eBox Technologies. “That experience, together with the deep knowledge they have gathered in eBox Platform over the years ensures us that they will deliver top-quality training in eBox Platform throughout Spain.”

“This year is the 5th anniversary of Warp Networks” said Jorge Arcas, Chief Executive Officer at Warp Networks, and continued “for us, signing this partnership agreement with eBox Technologies is yet another reason to celebrate.”

The next in-person course offered by Warp, “eBox for Network Administrators”, will take place from the 14th to the 18th of December in Zaragoza, Spain. The course is aimed at Windows network administrators interested in quickly getting effective at Linux based network administration and enables the students to administer small and medium sized companies’ computer networks with eBox Platform.

About Warp Networks
Warp is one of Spain’s leading companies in open source technologies, focused on providing high profile software development services to industrial, Telecom and ICT companies. Warp’s main business areas are Networking and Communications, Mobile Systems and Devices, Information Systems, Integrated Systems, Software testing and Quality control and Certified Education Services.

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