eBox Technologies publishes a new subscription-based service offering

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(Zaragoza, Spain) eBox Technologies, developer of the Linux small business server eBox Platform, has published a new subscription-based service offering aimed at small and medium businesses and IT service providers interested in commercially-backed Linux small business server. The new offering builds on commercial eBox Server Subscriptions that provide customers Quality Assured updates, security alerts and notifications, frequent reports on system performance and use, or central administration and monitoring of multiple eBox Platform servers.

The eBox Server Subscriptions are aimed at two clearly differentiated customers. On one hand, Professional Subscription targets small businesses or Value Added Resellers with few or independent eBox Platform servers that need to be kept up-to-date and secured. On the other hand, Enterprise Subscription aims for large businesses or Managed Service Providers that additionally have the need to monitor and administer multiple eBox installations remotely. Furthermore, Server Subscription customers can obtain access to Subscription Add-ons such as Full disaster recovery, Security lists updates and low-cost VoIP calls or technical support provided directly by the eBox Support Team.

“The new offering is the result of the work accomplished during the past two years with customers and partners from all over the world and we truly believe it might mean a breakthrough in the adoption of Linux in the small and medium businesses” said Ignacio Correas, CEO of eBox Technologies. “We have come up with a value proposition that is easy to understand and deploy, that brings important benefits for different profiles of users and that can help cutting costs up to 80% in the management of small business servers.”

Besides this major shift from support-based offering to subscription-based offering, eBox Technologies has updated the eBox Partner Program in order to better respond to the needs of the channel and to support the new services. “After analyzing hundreds of partnership requests and long conversations with current and potential partners, we believe that the updated Partner Program responds better to partners’ needs and expectations and communicates clearly what we offer and expect” said Correas and continued “Our focus stays in the channel – we simply believe that it is the best way to reach small and medium businesses, and unlike other vendors, we are ready to reward generously their efforts for using eBox based products and services.”

About eBox Technologies
eBox Technologies, developer of the Linux small business server eBox Platform, aims at offering small and medium businesses all over the globe easy and affordable network management tools and services. eBox Technologies is a channel-focused company that provides eBox Partners, Value Added Resellers (VARs) and Managed Service Providers (MSPs), a full portfolio of eBox based subscription services, support and training.

About eBox Platform
eBox Plaform is a Linux small business server that can act as a Gateway, Unified Threat Manager, Office Server, Infrastructure Manager, Unified Communications Server or a combination of them. The development of eBox Platform started in 2004 and currently it is an enterprise level network management solution that integrates over 20 open source network management tools in one single technology. eBox Platform has been included in Ubuntu since 2007, with an estimate of 40,000 active installations, currently over 14,000 monthly downloads and active community of almost 3,000 members.

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