eBox Technologies signs a partnership agreement with Single Box Solutions (Netser Group), Dominican Republic

eBox Technologies announced today that it has entered into a partnership agreement with Single Box Solutions, part of Netser Group, located in Dominican Republic. Netser Group is an important system integrator and Microsoft/Unix/Linux service provider with a number of branches in South America. As a part of the agreement, Single Box Solutions will promote eBox Platform, the Linux Small Business Server, in the Dominican Republic market and will distribute eBox based server products and services throughout the country as an Authorized eBox Partner.

“From our point of view, eBox Platform is a powerful network management tool that responds perfectly to the needs of SMBs and partnering with eBox Technologies opens us many business opportunities in Dominican Republic” said Javier Sánchez, Sales Manager at Single Box Solutions. “We have followed up the progress of other Authorized eBox Partners and as we have found their evolution positive, we have decided to establish this new alliance between eBox Technologies and our company.

“Although Single Box Solutions is quite young company, it is definitely formed by professionals with great experience in system administration and deploying eBox based solutions” stated Mateo Burillo, Partner Manager at eBox Technologies, and continued “We are very glad to collaborate with a company that is part of the Netser Group that is well recognized for the outstanding quality of their work and that has the ambitious prospect of becoming a leading IT company in all South America.”

As an Authorized eBox Partner, Single Box Solutions will now provide small and medium business located in Dominican Republic with certified eBox server products and services, from Server Subscriptions and Subscription Add-ons such as disaster recovery, security list updates or low-cost VoIP calls to certified technical support. Simultaneously, eBox Technologies will grant Single Box Solutions with quality assured software, services, technical support and training, assuring that their customers have access to vendor-quality services.

About Single Box Solutions
Single Box Solutions was created with the idea of offering services based on open source software and to complement these services, the company also offers the necessary hardware for the deployments. Single Box Solutions belongs to the Netser Group that offers telecommunications and IT Services in the Latin America, Caribbean region and South Florida, providing both clients and manufacturers a single point of contact and allowing them to minimize their operating costs. To meet their objectives, Netser Group makes strategic alliances and collaborates within each region with providers and professionals that have wide experience in project management, sales and technical support services. The company is considered as a regional leader in IT Services that offers high quality of services and a constant increase in technological and geographical coverage.
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