eBox Technologies to give two presentations at the GCDS’09, July 3-11 in Canary Islands (Spain)

Ignacio Correas, CEO of eBox Technologies and Javier Uruen, CTO of eBox Technologies will give presentations within the Local Program of the Gran Canaria Desktop Summit (GCDS) taking place from the 3rd until the 11th of July in Las Palmas, in the Canary Islands (Spain).

Ignacio Correas will deliver his presentation entitled “Development of a business model based on eBox Platform” on the 8th of July. The presentation will highlight the role played by the eBox Platform community in the creation of the company and the motives for choosing the current, channel-centered business model. Besides, Correas will also explain the current market opportunity for a unified network server such as eBox Platform.

On the same day, 8th of July, Javier Uruen will give a three-hour workshop entitled “Introduction to the development of eBox Platform modules”. “eBox Platform has two main aims” explains Javier Uruen, and continues “first of all, we aim to provide an easy-to-use unified network server and secondly, we aim to provide a development framework to ease the development of new Unix based services”. “During this workshop we will show how to develop new eBox Platform modules and we will implement a module that manages an Unix-based service”.

If you are interested in participating in the GCDS, we encourage you to register at the GCDS web site. If you are interested in having a face-to-face meeting with the eBox crew, please do not hesitate to e-mail us at [email protected] We will be staying in the Canary Islands from the 3rd until the 11th of July.

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