Elekta chooses Zentyal Linux server to guarantee the security of medical therapy equipment

Elekta, a world leading supplier of radiation oncology and neurosurgery systems, has chosen Zentyal to provide the security of medical therapy equipment. Zentyal’s Unified Threat Management (UTM) software is integrated in a PC based multi-threat security appliance launched by Elekta to protect the equipment from security vulnerabilities and cyber threats.

“Elekta found in Zentyal a solution which brought together all the required elements in one integrated package. What is more, the support and partnership provided to develop it into a unique and tailored product was excellent” said James Troke, Project Manager at Elekta. “Furthermore, Zentyal’s flexible and responsive involvement was essential to the delivery of this important component of our radio-therapy product suite.”

As a well-proven UTM solution, Zentyal adds to the appliance an advanced firewall, antivirus software and intrusion detection system. Zentyal also acts as a shared storage server between the medical device used for making the diagnosis and the doctor’s computer, allowing user authentication, advanced file access control lists, file access audit and antivirus file scanning.

For increased security, Zentyal also logs every access, modification or file deletion in the server and immediately reports all threat events such as files infected by virus or unauthorized access attempts to network administrators. Even though medical software usually runs on non-Linux based operating systems, integration of the full solution into a single appliance was possible by using virtualization technologies that allow Microsoft Windows run on top of Zentyal.

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