Empòrium Informatica joins the Zentyal Partner Program

The Development Team of Zentyal, the Linux SMB server, announced today that Empòrium Informatica has joined the Zentyal Partner Program. Empòrium Informatica is an IT support and services company located in Castelló d’Empúries, northeastern Spain, with extensive experience in Zentyal server and a wide range of network management services it offers for small and medium businesses in the area.

“From our point of view, what started as a project for storing and distributing files, has turned into a professional server with all the qualities to manage and administer an entire enterprise network” said Xavier Massot Marquez, Empòrium Informatica CEO, and continued “We know Zentyal for years and from the beginning, we have had excellent results using the product.”

“The fact that Zentyal is an open source application, free of charge and available in Spanish, makes it much more manageable for us than any other options available in the market” continued Mr. Massot. “The product is constantly updated and every day we discover new features and improvements that bring great value to our customers. In addition, Zentyal Cloud offers a wide range of possibilities to manage and control multiple Zentyal installations with ease.”

“Empòrium Informatica is a young and innovative company with an extensive experience in Zentyal and they are 100% committed to guarantee the security of small businesses, in both technical and legal aspects” said Mateo Burillo, Partner Manager at Zentyal. “We believe that the personal attention and quick response they offer to their customers guarantee excellent service levels for small and medium businesses located in the area of Castelló d’Empúries.”

As an Authorized Partner Zentyal, Empòrium Informatica will offer subscription services built on top of the Zentyal server. These subscriptions ensure that the installed Zentyal servers are always up to date and secured and allow the customers to receive frequent reports on their system performance. In addition, customers can opt for subscription services that allow Empòrium Informatica to manage their systems remotely. Certified technical support and subscription add-ons such as disaster recovery, advanced security updates and low-cost VoIP calls complete the service offering.

About Informatica Empòrium
Empòrium Informatica is an IT support and services company, formed by a team of young and enterprising people that focus their expertise and skills in providing companies with IT solutions at all levels. The company offers a number of IT services ranging from network installations, web services, security management, remote support and optimization for Windows, Linux and Mac OSX machines to advice and consultancy in data protection law.
More information about Informatica Empòrium at:

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