First certified eBox Platform course proves popular

The first certified eBox Platform course that corresponds to the “eBox for Network Administrators” course was held from the 11th until the 28th of May at the Centro de Tecnologías Avanzadas (CTA) in Zaragoza, Spain. Over 120 applications were received by CTA for the 15 available places.

“I’m very satisfied with the course both because of the opportunities offered by eBox and because of the instructor” said Agustín Raluy, IT Consultant who attended the course. “Until now I was used to work on only some fields of the network and system administration and the course has provided me with a more global view. As eBox Platform unifies the management of all network services through one single, graphic and intuitive control panel, it’s much easier to manage more network services in less time. My aim is to use eBox Platform as a standard solution for the customers that entrust me their computer network and system management”.

The course was aimed at IT professionals with basic knowledge on computer network management, for example, Windows system administrators interested in managing computer networks with Linux based systems. At completion of this 48-hour course, students should understand the concepts behind computer network management and efficiently administer SMBs computer networks with eBox Platform.

“We have carried out a large set of practical exercises with eBox Platfrom, from the simplest and most common cases to most complex scenarios including multiple machines” said Víctor Jiménez, Certified eBox Instructor, and continued “thanks to the easiness of eBox Platform, the students with no previous experience on Linux have become system administrators with eBox Platform”.

The “eBox for Network Administrators” course is part of the eBox Curriculum Path that currently consists of four different courses and is divided into two tracks, Administrators and Developers. The Administrators track is designed to provide system administrators and IT professionals with the knowledge and skills required to successfully manage SMBs computer networks and multiple eBox Platform installations. The Developer track is aimed at system developers, enterprise application developers and system integrators providing them with the knowledge and skills to develop new eBox Platform modules, prepare customized eBox Platform distributions and integrate eBox Platform with other applications.

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