First release candidate for Zentyal 3.0 now available!

The Zentyal Development Team is proud to announce that you can now download the Zentyal 3.0-rc1 installer for testing! This is the first release candidate for the 3.0 stable series: the next stable Zentyal server version, Zentyal 3.0, will be published on the 13th of September.

As the beta releases have ended, it means that this version comes already with all the Zentyal 3.0 features. From now on, all the focus will be on bugfixing, polishing details and also preparing the migration process from 2.2 to 3.0. Remember that you can help making Zentyal 3.0 the best release ever by sending your feedback & bug reports!

Regarding the changes since the last 2.3-2 release, we want to highlight the following:

* Brand new look & feel of the user interface!
* New samba module that integrates the beta5 version and allows Zentyal to join Windows Server domains!
* Some improvements in Zarafa, such as multi domain support and integration with Jabber

The easiest way to test this release candidate is to do a fresh installation of Zentyal 3.0-rc1 having Internet connection to make sure that the latest versions of the packages are downloaded. If you already have a Zentyal 2.3-2 installed, you can upgrade the full system to get these new versions by using the Software Management module or with apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade in command line.

And please, remember that Zentyal 3.0-rc1 is a release candidate and it is not intended for production environments. Happy testing!

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