Göris partners with Zentyal to offer Linux server solutions for Portuguese SMBs

Zentyal, developer of the Zentyal Linux small business server, announced today that it has signed a partnership agreement with Göris, Portuguese IT service provider. Göris offers IT support, consultancy and software development services to businesses from all industries.

“We have decided to expand our offer to Zentyal Linux servers because we believe that the functionalities offered by Zentyal together with our knowledge, allow us to implement robust solutions in small and medium businesses, giving a new breath of fresh air to existing server solution market” Miguel Silva, CEO at Göris.

“Since Göris became Authorized Zentyal Partner just a few months ago, the company has deployed Zentyal servers in several Portuguese SMBs” said Mateo Burillo, Partner Manager at Zentyal. “We believe Göris is an excellent example on how Zentyal server and subscription services allow VARs to speed up business development.”

As an Authorized Zentyal Partner, Göris will offer its customers certified support and services to install, integrate and maintain Zentyal servers. Moreover, Göris will also offer additional Zentyal services such as disaster recovery, security updates or Zarafa groupware solutions. And while Göris delivers their services to their end customers, Zentyal grants the company with the necessary support and services so that their customers always count on vendor-guaranteed services.

About Göris
Göris is a Portuguese IT service provider, founded in 2008, that aims at simplifying its customers IT infrastructure. The company offers IT support, consultancy and software development services to businesses from all industries, from heavy industry to healthcare, that fit the needs of any company.
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