Join the Zentyal Bug Hunters Squad!

Are you interested in contributing to the Zentyal project? Join the Bug Hunters Squad! This newly created team aims at guaranteeing better and faster debugging process by filtering and classifying bugs, ensuring that bug reports are accurate and finding duplicate bug reports, among other tasks.

It is important to note that joining in the Bug Hunters Squad doesn’t mean that you will have to extensively test Zentyal and find new bugs. Team members’ help is much appreciated in recognizing bugs in Forum posts, asking the users to file bug reports, completing inaccurate bug reports or making the necessary additional questions to reproduce and fix the reported bug, for instance.

Want to join the Bug Hunters Squad already? Great! Simply let us know that you want to join the team in this thread for clearance, check out the Bug Hunting Guidelines and get started! The Bug Hunters Squad is currently lead by Ichat, Zentyal Community Member, who will answer to any questions or doubts you might have regarding the bug hunting through the #zentyal on

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