New beta installer available: eBox Platform 1.5-1

The development team of eBox Platform, the Linux small business server, is glad to announce that you can now download a new installer CD for the eBox Platform 1.5 series. Please note that eBox Platform 1.5-1 is a development version based on Ubuntu 10.04 and it will become eBox Platform 2.0 (next stable release) after a stabilization period.

As to the improvements, the most relevant changes on this new 1.5-1 installer are focused on improving the performance:

  • The old configuration backend (gconf) is now replaced with a brand new one based in redis. This improves the user experience in general, making the web interface more responsive. It also decreases the installation and boot times.
  • The migration scripts of each package are now run on the same perl interpreter. This reduces the installation time of the packages.
  • We believe that this is an important change and we would be glad to have your feedback to check that everything is right. There shouldn’t be any problems on a fresh install, but if you upgrade from an older version with the configuration stored in gconf there may be issues in the migration process.

    In addition, the 1.5-1 installer includes new versions of the following modules: Users, DHCP, Backup, Groupware, Firewall, IDS, Monitor, NTP, Software Management, HTTP Proxy and Webserver. These can be also updated via the Software Management module if you already have a installed 1.5 system.

    Please remember that the 1.5 versions are beta and not intended for production environments. However, your feedback is very important to make eBox Platform 2.0 a great release! Please do not hesitate to report any issues through the eBox Support Forum or eBox Trac.

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