New eBox 1.3.10 installer available

eBox Platform development team is glad to announce the release of the first installer for the 1.3 development branch. The main new features include PPPoE support, RADIUS module and Webmail (roundcube) module together with many other minor improvements and bugfixes. You can download eBox 1.3 at:

All these features and much more will be available in the next eBox 1.4 stable version that will be out in few months (check the roadmap for additional information). In the meanwhile, you can help us starting to test the eBox 1.3 by reporting bugs or any other issues you consider of importance. Just remember that this is beta software and it is not intended for production use.

Your feedback is very important – Please do not hesitate to report any issues through the eBox Support Forum or eBox Trac.

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