New eBox Control Center version with improved monitoring and reporting options

eBox Technologies announced today a new version of the eBox Control Center, a cloud-based product that allows centralized real-time administration and monitoring of multiple eBox servers. This version ships a series of new features, including real-time monitoring of the hardware performance, automatic report generation and report rebranding, as well as a number of other minor improvements. Additionally, this version is fully compatible with eBox Platform 1.5 development version so users can manage both eBox Platform 1.4 and 1.5 servers from eBox Control Center.

“In order to guarantee even smoother monitoring experience, we have now added an option for real-time monitoring of the hardware performance such as load, CPU, memory and disk. Moreover, you can now view aggregated data to compare your eBox servers’ performance” said Enrique Hern├índez, eBox Control Center Product Manager at eBox Technologies.

“Other major new features are related with the Reports option of eBox Control Center” continued Enrique Hern├índez. “Now you can, for example, schedule the generation of automatic reports over a preferred time period or get email notifications when the new reports are available, allowing you to inform internally about the status of your eBox servers with a single click. In addition, the eBox Silver and Gold Partners are given the option to rebrand their reports.”

eBox Technologies recently launched a new subscription-based service offering and from now, to gain access to eBox Control Center based commercial services, the users must obtain a Professional or Enterprise Server Subscription. All those interested in the different Server Subscription features can simply get the free Basic Server Subscription that is intended for use in testing environments: once you have subscribed your eBox server, you can view all the Server Subscription features. All the Server Subscriptions are available for purchase at the eBox On-line Store.

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