New eBox Control Center version with improved QA updates, alerts, security audits and UI

eBox Technologies announced today a new version of the eBox Control Center, a product that allows centralized monitoring and administration of multiple eBox servers. This version includes new features such as automatic configuration of alerts or users’ password security strength audit. In addition, important visual improvements in the Web User Interface have taken place, as well as general improvements in the Quality Assured (QA) software updates that guarantee that every eBox Platform security patch and bugfix update are extensively tested and approved before being applied to customer’s installations.

“The two most important new features of this eBox Control Center version are Alert autoconfiguration and Users’ password security strength audits” said Enrique Hern├índez, eBox Control Center Product Manager at eBox Technologies, and continued “From now on, when you subscribe a new eBox server to eBox Control Center, the alerts for this server are automatically configured and you will be informed every time when the server has a high load, low disk space, a mail user quota has exceeded, etc. On the other hand, the new security audit allows you to check easily the strength of your users’ passwords on weekly basis and to increase the security of your system.”

You can gain access to the services integrated in the eBox Control Center, by obtaining a Professional or Enterprise Server Subscription. The Professional Subscription is aimed for businesses with few or independent eBox servers and the Enterprise Subscription for businesses with multiple eBox Servers. Both subscriptions include QA software updates that guarantee that all the eBox Platform upgrades, bugfixes and security updates are extensively tested by the eBox Development Team, as well as grant access to Virtual CIO services such as alerts and events on hardware and network services, reports, service and hardware inventory and security audits. Additionally, the Enterprise Subscription gives access to Virtual MSP services that allow to carry out massive system and security updates or groups tasks.

If you are interested in the eBox Control Center trial and the different Subscription options, you can simply get the free Basic Server Subscription. The Basic Subscription, that is intended for use in testing environments, allows you to store your configuration backup remotely, receive alerts regarding the connectivity of your eBox server, available updates or failed automatic backup. Moreover, the Basic Subscription allows you to view and learn about all the additional subscription features.

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